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Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

The benefits of a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System are speed in suppressing fires, reducing damages, saving on floor space and allowing visibility. It leaves no residue and doesn't require costly clean-up, unlike sprinklers and other fire protection systems. Our systems are designed to extinguish a fire quickly and effectively thus allowing businesses to continue operating with minimal interruptions.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are great in applications ranging from telecommunications and data processing to switch gear rooms, military applications and cell sites to high-tech medical applications. FM-200 fire suppression is also a widely accepted replacement for Halon 1301.

Our Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems feature a non-ozone depleting clean agent providing our customers with the fire protection they need and still protecting the earth's precious ozone layer. USGBC LEED Recognized.

The following manufacturers offer quality clean agent fire suppression systems:

kidde kitchen fire suppression logo
kidde clean agent fm-200 system
Kidde ECS FM-200 Fire Suppression System


The preferred fire suppression system for vital facilities that can't afford fire-related business interruption of process controls, automated industrial operations, robotics, etc. Active on fire, but inert on people; non-toxic when used per NFPA Standard 2001. Safe, no-residue protection for Class A, B and C fires. Every Kidde system checked for design accuracy. Designed for maximum protection with minimum hardware; less space, lower cost. UL Listed and Factory Mutual approved.


  • Reduces risk of downtime and helps maintain business continuity in the event of a fire.
  • Clean leaving no residue. Safe for discharge into occupied spaces.
  • Design concentrations for 95% of its applications fall well below NOAEL levels.
  • Cost effective engineered system, providing maximum protection.
  • Proven Kidde Reliability - tested and approved all of Kidde's various detection and control options.
  • Sustainable technology providing an environmentally-friendly solution.

Applications that benefit from Kidde ECS FM-200 Fire Suppression System:

  • Data Processing Centers
  • Process Control Rooms
  • Clean Manufacturing Facilities
  • Bank Vaults
  • Simulators
  • Battery Backup Rooms
  • Document Storage

kidde ads fm-200 fire suppression system
Kidde ADS FM-200 System

The Kidde ADS FM-200 System is an engineered system designed to protect larger, more complex applications or for ultimate performance and "drop-in" efficiency when replacing existing halon installations. The system includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. The system uses clean, fast, people-safe FM-200 gaseous agent.


  • Provide active fire protection when coupled with Kidde's various 24 hour detection and control systems.
  • Appropriate for larger compartments or designs utilizing long piping networks.
  • Increased performance deems it a virtual "Drop-in" replacement for installed Halon 1301 systems.
  • Enhanced performance and versatility - Comes with a US Coast Guard approval and is listed and approved with 3-way directional valves for economic protection of multiple enclosures.

Applications that benefit from Kidde ADS FM-200 Fire Suppression System:

  • Replacement of Existing Halon 1301 Systems
  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Internet Hosting Sites
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Recording Studios
  • Multi-Level Sites
  • Larger Manufacturing Complexes

kidde novec 1230 system
Kidde 3M Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System

Kidde Engineered Fire Suppression System Designed for Use with 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is engineered to provide clean, fast, people-safe protection for applications requiring a "green" solution to fire suppression. The system includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. The system is computer calculated to provide system discharge within 10 seconds.


  • Provides a high safety margin with a 4.2% use concentration and a 10% NOAEL level.
  • Listed for protection against Class A, Class B and Class C fires.
  • Is a fluid a atmospheric pressure and can be gravity fed for easy re-charge.
  • Extinguishes fire through heat absorption and not oxygen reduction.

Applications that benefit from Kidde Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System:

  • Petrochemical Installations
  • Gas Turbines
  • Telecommunications
  • Steam Turbine Generators
  • Universities/Collegiate
  • Marine Applications
  • Railway Traffice Controls
  • Pharmaceutical/Healthcare
  • Power Generation
  • Printing Facilities
  • Science Labs
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Packaging Plant

kidde argonite fire suppression system
Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System

The Argonite fire suppression system uses an inert gas that offers effective fire protection with zero environmental impact. It is a simple blend of 50% Argon gas and 50% Nitrogen gas with a density similar to that of air. Both Argon and Nitrogen are clean, natural gases that are readily available throughout the world. Argonite is safe and effective for use on many applications - it is well suited for leaky enclosures such as flight simulators, substations, and control rooms and for application with multiple hazards.


  • Argonite has zero Ozone Depletion
  • Potential (ODP) and zero Global
  • Warming Potential (GWP)
  • No secondary products of combustion when exposed to flame
  • Cost effective
  • Capable of remote cylinder location from hazard

Applications that benefit from Kidde Argonite Fire Suppression System:

  • Electronics/Data Processing Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Banks/Stock Exchanges
  • Museums/Art Galleries
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Electrical Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Control Rooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Records/Archive Storage
  • Telecommunications Facilities
  • Railway/Airport Signal Traffic Controls

kidde co2 fire suppression
Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System

The Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement. Discharge duration and agent flow rates are customized for the individual application.


  • Proven quality and reliability with the Kidde brand.
  • Tested and approved all of Kidde's various detection and control options.
  • An inexpensive and easy-to-access agent when refill is necessary.
  • Wide ranges of proven safe, hazard protection.

Applications that benefit from Kidde CO2 Fire Suppression System:

  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  • Marine Applications
  • Quench and Dip Tanks
  • Large Commercial Fryers
  • Engine and Electrical Rooms
  • Spray Booths and Paint Lockers
  • Turbine Generators
  • Printing Presses
  • Rolling Mills
  • Dust Collectors
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Mixing Operation

ansul logo

annul sapphire clean agent system
Ansul Sapphire Clean Agent System

The heart of the system is revolutionary 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid, a clear, colorless and odorless clean agent. Stored in cylinders in its fluid form, Novec 1230 instantly vaporizes upon discharge, totally flooding protected spaces and absorbing heat better than water. In tandem with a sophisticated ANSUL AUTOPULSE control panel, the SAPPHIRE system suppresses a fire before it can start by detecting it at invisible levels. And once the danger has passed, Novec 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets.

SAPPHIRE suppression systems represent the most effective fire protection on the market today. These systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where an electrically non-conductive medium is required, where electronic systems cannot be shut down in an emergency, where cleanup of other agents poses a problem, and in normally occupied areas that demand a non-toxic agent.

Applications that benefit from Ansul Sapphire Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Aviation Facilities
  • Commercial/Naval Vessels
  • Computer and Electronic Control Rooms
  • Critical Military Systems
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Museums
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Tape Storage and Vaults
  • Telecommunication Switch Rooms

ansul co2 fire suppression system
Ansul Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems

The original "clean" agent, carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind an agent to damage sensitive equipment. And because there is no agent to clean up, you're back in business faster. To provide the most economical system arrangement without sacrificing performance, we offer both High and Low pressure systems including the exclusive ANSUL "Mini-Bulk" tank technology.

ANSUL High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems are especially effective for non-occupied hazards such as semiconductor wet benches, control rooms and paint lines. Whatever the application, from cylinder to nozzle, each system is custom-designed for your specific fire hazards.

High pressure systems use individual storage cylinders - from 35 lb. (16 kg) to 120 lb. (54 kg) capacity each - that can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. Cylinder valves can be opened automatically or manually, and either locally or remotely using electric, pneumatic or mechanical valve actuators.

Applications that benefit from Ansul CO2 Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Commercial and Industrial Fryers
  • Dip Tanks
  • Electric Generators
  • Electric Generating Equipment
  • Electrical Panels
  • Marine Applications (Cargo Holds, Paint Lockers, Engine Rooms, SCR Rooms, Sniffing Systems, etc.)
  • Spray Booths
  • Waste Disposal Equipment
  • Gas Turbines
  • Coal Silos
  • Hazardous Material Storage
  • Quench Tanks
  • Semiconductor Wet Benches
  • Computer Room Subfloors
  • Non-Occupied Control Rooms

amerex logo

amerex clean agent fire suppression system
Amerex Clean Agent System with FM200

Utilizing the industry recognized FM-200 suppression agent, Amerex has developed an affordable pre-engineered clean agent suppression system to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data. As an industry leader in innovative design of products that provide the quality and performance you expect, Amerex has developed the CPS system to be the most cost efficient clean agent system available. The modular design incorporates pre-assembled wiring harnesses and keyed locking connectors on all electrical components to assist you in a simple and confident installation.

Agent tanks are available in two sizes having a diameter of ten inches making tank location in confined spaces less stressful. Tanks are charged with FM-200 in increments of two pounds in a small tank or three pounds in a larger tank for a custom installation without un-necessary expense. Electrical actuators are used for system actuation and can be reset reducing the number of components to be replaced during service after discharge. The CPS system is designed to use schedule 40 pipe giving you easy access to the materials you need to complete the installation. Nozzles are available in three designs; corner, side wall, and center room for flexibility in system installation to protect those "challenging" areas. The Amerex CPS is monitored by an electrical control panel that has a battery back-up for 24 hour protection during power failure. Photoelectric smoke detectors are used for detection and are cross zoned to reduce the potential for unwanted system discharge. A bell and horn - strobe device alarm when fire conditions are present. All electrical circuits are supervised and factory terminated.

Applications that benefit from Amerex's Clean Agent Fire Suppression System:

  • Data Processing Centers
  • Computer and Electronic Control Rooms
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Flammable Liquid Storage Rooms
  • Broadcast Stations, Media and Record Storage
  • Medical Record Storage
  • CT/CAT Scan and MRI Rooms
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Bank Vaults

minimax logo

minimax clean agent fire suppression system
Minimax MX 200 Clean Agent System

Lost data, the breakdown of machines and equipment on which enterprise-critical business processes are dependent, or a total loss of operations - these risks are a concrete threat for every company. Businesses with unique and high-value technical equipment and central IT systems are dependent on the constant availability of critical operating resources. You have to rely on your re protection system to minimize costly business interruption. The Minimax MX 200 re extinguishing system with HFC-227ea extinguishing agent detects re in its initial stage and extinguishes exceptionally fast, ooding the room in less than 10 seconds. HFC-227ea provides an extra margin of safety for people, and leaves no residue, making it ideal for protection of sensitive assets.

Applications that benefit from MiniMax's MX 200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System:

  • Data processing and telecommunications facilities
  • Computer and server rooms
  • Historical and cultural properties
  • Control rooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Any environment sensitive to water or foam-based suppressants

minimax novec clean agent fire suppression system
MX 1230 Fire Extinguishing System using 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Lost data, the breakdown of machines and equip- ment, on which enterprise-critical business processes are proceeded, or a total breakdown of operations - those are risks, which represent a concrete existential threat for every company. Companies with unique and high-value technical equipment and central IT systems are dependent on the high availability of these critical operating resources. This is inevitably leading to growing expectations concerning fire protection. Here fire extinguishing systems are in demand, which detect a developing fire in its initial stage and extinguish it in a exceptionally fast and protective manner so that even sensitive components are not damaged e.g. by residues of extinguishing agent. This is why Minimax has developed the MX 1230 fire extinguishing system using 3MTM NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. It is characterised by its fast flooding of the room (< 10 seconds) and its highly extinguishing effectivity. The extinguishing agent itself is toxicologically harmless; it extinguishes without leaving any residue and gets along with a small storage volume.

Applications that benefit from MiniMax's MX 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System:

  • Server rooms and other IT facilities
  • Data archives
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Control rooms and control stations
  • Instrumentation and control rooms
  • Electrical switch rooms
  • Switchgear and distribution cabinets