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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Extinguishers

Are the fire extinguishers tagged?

No. Our extinguishers ship directly from the manufacturer with the warranty. Most states allow the manufacturer's warranty to stand in place of an inspection tag for the first year. We strongly recommend checking with your local Fire Marshall before placing your order.

Are the fire extinguishers fully charged?

Yes, all fire extinguishers are fully charged except for water and foam fire extinguishers. Water and foam fire extinguishers ship empty. Our extinguishers are also rechargeable.

Are the fire extinguishers new or refurbished?

The extinguishers are new from the factory. We do not sell refurbished fire extinguishers.

Is a Purple K fire extinguisher for a Class K fire?

No, a Purple K fire extinguisher is designed to extinguish a Class B or Class C fire. To extinguish a Class K fire, you'll need a Wet Chemical fire extinguisher.

Note: Check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) on code requirements regarding fire extinguisher ratings.


What type of shipping do you offer?

We ship UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and USPS. Our orders ship out within 2-3 business days and are in transit 3-5 days to their destination. We may be able to expedite your order depending on the item. Please contact us by telephone or email. Some larger orders ship directly from the manufacturer. The lead time for these orders vary. A representative will contact you if it's expected to be later than the normal 2-3 business day lead time.

Do you ship outside of the Unites States?

No, we only ship within the continental United States.

Do you have a product catalog?

No, we do not have product catalogs now that we're online. If you can not find what you're looking for, we are happy to source the item(s) for you. Please contact us by telephone or email.

Do you accept purchase orders from a municipality?

No, we can not release merchandise with solely a purchase order. You can apply for credit and once granted, use a purchase order. You can also send a check and once it clears, the materials are sent. We realize municipalities have their procedures, and we try our best to accommodate their needs, but at this time, we can only accept credit cards or a check.

I prefer to send my order by fax. What's your fax number?

305-592-5254. Please make note that it is a website order.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, some quantity discounts are shown on the website for fire extinguishers and cabinets. If your quantity is larger than what is shown or if you don't see one for your item, contact us by telephone or email for a quote.

I placed an order, but did not receive an email confirmation. What do I do?

Our shopping cart software is designed to send email notifications for orders when placed and when they ship. If you didn't receive an email, the system may have hit a glitch or there may be an issue with your order. Please contact us by telephone or email and we will confirm the order has been processed or address any issues with your order.

Do you ship to military addresses?

No, we do not ship to APO addresses. At the moment, there is no way to track an item and it typically takes a month or more to arrive. Because of the inability to track a package with such a long transit time we no longer offer this as an option.