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Amerex High Performance Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers

Superior Performance, CorrosionResistance, Greater Safety, GreaterReliability, Extended Warranty and Low Maintenance Costs at an Affordable Price

Superior Performance -Amerex High Performance extinguishers all have greater range. The Fast Flow models offer discharges with more pounds of chemical per second - the key to combating flammable liquid fires involving three dimensions and flammable liquids/gases under pressure - required by NFPA. Most flammable liquid hazards potentially
involve three dimensional fires.FastFlowunits, in the hands of trained operators, provide the fastest and safest "knock down" of any fire extinguisher on the market today.

Greater Corrosion Resistance - Each hand portable is made with a Galvanized Cylinder - an Amerex exclusive. Most
corrosion resistant finishes quit working when the paint is scratched or chipped. Our Galvanized cylinders (for the hand
portables), carriages and wheels (for the wheeled units) are better than any mere paint finish.

Galvanizing - an Amerex High Performance exclusive!

Greater Reliability-Fewer parts means fewer things to go wrong. Stored pressure extinguishers have a modern, simple design for greater reliability. Two "O" ring seals compared to 6 seals and gaskets on cartridge operated extinguishers, four moving parts compared to nine moving parts on cartridge operated extinguishers. Cartridge operated extinguishers are susceptible to tampering and plugged hoses. None of this can happen to a stored pressure extinguisher.

Extended Warranty-A 12 year warranty on High Performance Hand Portable Extinguishers - the best in the Industry.

Low Maintenance Costs - Fewer parts and a simple design means lower maintenance and repair costs over the life of the extinguisher. Amerex High Performance Extinguishers use a 12 step procedure for annual maintenance in Compliance with NFPA 10. Cartridge Operated Extinguishers have a factory maintenance procedure containing over 40 steps. Recharging High Performance Extinguishers is inexpensive, no cartridges to replace.

The Best Extinguisher Value on the Market