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Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

An industrial fire suppression system is an automatic system designed to protect a wide variety of hazards involving flammable liquids and gases, wood and paper, and energized electrical equipment. Examples include hazardous storage buildings, dip tanks, paint/spray booths, printing machines, mixing tanks, transformers, pumps and other similar hazards.

The following manufacturers offer quality industrial fire suppression systems:
ansul industrial fire suppression system

ansul a101 fire suppression system
Ansul A101 Dry Chemical System

The A-101 Industrial Fire Suppression System has been pre-engineered for industrial hazards like paint spray booths, dip tanks, and flammable liquid storage rooms. Designed for flexibility and economy, the system features mechanical or electrical detection, total flooding or local application methods, two extinguishing agent options, and multiple tank capacities for Class A, B, and C fire hazards in a wide variety of industrial configurations.

Pressurized D.O.T.- rated steel tanks stand ready. Agent tanks include a pressure gauge for easy visual inspection. And, flexible piping arrays allow for a streamlined design, maximizing your space. It's all part of keeping you prepared. For anything.

Advantages of the ANSUL A-101 Dry Chemical System:

  • Extensive Screening Coverage - 8 x 12 ft
  • Overhead Protection - up to 20 ft.
  • Side-Wall Nozzle - stack to unlimited heights; protect full-filtered standard vehicle booths
  • Superior Duct and Plenum Coverage
  • Extended Nozzle Coverage - fewer tanks and lower cost
  • Balanced Piping Flexibility
  • Easy Installation - few piping limitations
  • Superior Support - unmatched after-sale service and tech support

amerex industrial fire suppression logo

amerex industrial fire suppression system
Amerex "IS" Fire Suppression System

The Amerex "IS" system uses their exclusive ABC (Model 555) dry chemical. ABC dry chemical suppresses more fire, by volume, than any other agent. ABC dry chemical has quick flame "knock-down" and can help to secure Class A fires against re-ignition. Since many hazards involve a variety of fuel sources, our dry chemical, with protection against Class A (wood, paper, pulp), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (live electrical equipment) is the agent that is best suited for most Industrial hazards.

The Amerex "IS" industrial system incorporates an automatic detection system that will operate in case of a fire anytime, 24/7, even if no one is present. As with the rest of the "IS" system design and philosophy, the automatic fire detection system uses fewer components which saves on installation and maintenance costs. The Amerex "IS" industrial system uses fewer nozzles, including a unique "3-way" nozzle that eliminates the need for two separate nozzles for many situations. In some cases this may even eliminate an extra agent cylinder!

kidde kitchen fire suppression logo
kidde industrial fire system logo
Kidde IND Fire Suppression System

The Kidde IND System is available in two basic configurations: as a local application system or a total flood system. A local application system is designed to protect a specific piece of equipment, a total flood system is recommended for protection of enclosed rooms or spaces. In addition to the configurations, the Kidde IND System also offers options for detection and control to create a system that will be ideal for your application.

The Kidde IND System Features:

  • Economical - the pre-engineered concept reduces hardware and installation expenses providing cost-effective fire protection
  • Design flexibility - specify the system configuration and components to meet the requirements of your facility and industrial application
  • Regulatory compliance - the installation of a Kidde IND System guarantees your facility is compliant with insurance, local and federal code standards.
  • Reliable, proven protection - researched, designed manufactured and installed by Kidde, the world leader in system solutions, IND Systems can be found globally throughout the industrial world.
  • Portable reinforcement - always within reach, the full line of Kidde portable fire extinguishers are your first line of defense against fire.