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Vehicle Systems

A vehicle fire suppression system is a pre-engineered, fixed nozzle system designed for mobile handling equipment used in agriculture, construction, land fills, forestry, mining and other industries. Our safety systems suppress fires before they have a chance to cause severe property damage, or severe injury or possible death (caused by fire) to the operator. They also help ensure your equipment stays on the job by protecting them around the clock. The costs of our systems are a fraction of what your down time, equipment repair or replacement could cost.

The following manufacturers offer quality vehicle fire suppression systems:

ansul vehicle fire suppression system
A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression System

ansul vehicle fire suppression system

The standard ANSUL A-101 Mobile Equipment Fire Suppression System discharges proven ANSUL FORAY multipurpose dry chemical agent, quickly knocking down the flames. With tank capacities from 10 to 250 lbs. (4.5 kg to 113.4 kg), the A-101 fixed-nozzle system can be designed to "flood" entire volumes with chemical agent, or can be aimed at specific high-hazard areas. Anywhere in the world, trained ANSUL distributors can design, install and service a system that offers the ultimate in protection for specific vehicles.

Base ANSUL A-101 systems utilize automatic detection and actuation controls, backed up by remote manual actuators.

  • LT-A-101 expands the capabilities of the original A-101 system for use in temperature extremes, from -65 to 210 F (-54 to 99 C).
  • LT-LP-A-101 low profile system provides protection in underground mining environments.

LVS Liquid Agent Fire Suppression System

For the prevention of reflash, ANSUL LVS Liquid Agent Fire Suppression Systems outperform all others. Stored in 5-gallon (19L), 15-gallon (57L) or 30-gallon (114L) tanks, LVS agent cools surrounding areas, helping to contain fires and prevent refresh. Additionally, because it is a liquid, LVS agent flows along the same path as burning fuels to reach and suppress fires in areas dry agents cannot.

LT-A-101/LVS Twin Agent Fire Suppression System

For those who want the combined effects of suppression and cooling, ANSUL FORAY dry chemical and LVS wet chemical provide the ultimate one-two punch. While the dry chemical is knocking down flames, superior LVS agent cools surrounding areas, helping minimize the possibility of reflash. LVS system components are built for corrosion resistance and operate effectively within a temperature range of -40 to 120 F (-40 to 49 C).

amerex vehicle fire suppression system
amerex vehicle fire supression system Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppresion Systems are designed to warn the operator and suppress the fire, protecting both equipment and people. Our automatic systems suppress the fire in its earliest stages, before it becomes fully established and spreads into highly combustible areas. As a result, damage is limited and equipment down time is held to a minimum.

Whether it is an operator sitting high atop a loader or your children riding in their school bus, Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems are designed first and foremost to protect human life. Our systems are designed and installed to suppress a fire before it can reach the operator or passenger areas, quickly and efficiently.

kidde vehicle fire suppression system
kidde vehicle fire suppression Kidde Sentinel DCS Dry Chemical System

Stored pressure dry chemical delivery systems like the Kidde DCS provide the highest possible reliability for fire protection. Dependable ABC dry chemical powder with a full 90% potency provides solid fire fighting capability in the DCS. The agent is maintained in an inverted atmosphere inside the cylinder.

The system status can be readily ascertained by checking the cylinder gauge or in the system control unit via the optional supervisory pressure switches installed on the system cylinders. We don't compromise - why should you?

Kidde Sentinel LS Suppression System

The Kidde LS Suppression System utilizes Aquagreen XT; an all new innovative aqueous agent that provides exceptional performance over an expanded temperature range. Aquagreen XT suppresses, cools, and secures and does so with a formula that is environmentally responsible and safe for personnel.

Designed and approved for use as a primary fire fighting system, the LS can also be combined with a dry chemical DCS discharge to provide sequentially delivered fire suppression charges that provide exceptional knock-down and securement for the most challenging applications.

Kidde SA Detection & Control Suppression System

Designed to control detection and suppression functions for the Kidde Sentinel vehicle fire suppression system, the Kidde SA1 Control Unit provides status information and user controls in a rugged compact die-cast aluminum enclosure.

The SA1 is cost-effective, versatile and is fully compatible with the full range of Kidde Sentinel detection technologies. Multiple power management options are available, providing reliable detection, annunciation and system releasing. Integration into your application has never been easier.