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It is not very well known, but fire extinguishers that have the potential to be exposed to damage from environmental conditions are required to be installed with protective covers. Not only is it common sense, there is a provision in NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers that mandates them. Almost every extinguisher that is outdoors needs an extinguisher cover to protect it from the elements. This includes extinguishers hung on the outside of buildings, extinguishers at fueling racks, and extinguishers mounted on the outside of vehicles, such as fuel and trash trucks.

There are two options to protect your fire extinguisher - fire extinguisher cabinets or fire extinguisher covers. For more information on our covers, please click here.

Fire extinguisher cabinets offer a more aesthetically pleasing option and security from theft or vandalism. Cato Chief Cabinets are an industry standard for outdoor rugged environments. They are made of durable plastic, cannot rust, and are easy to maintain among other features.

Larsen's fire extinguisher cabinet can also be used outdoors as well as indoor. They offer a variety of metals and install options such as surface mounted, semi-recessed or full recessed.