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Portable fire extinguishers are your best line of defense to protect your business, property and family.

Amerex Production Line of Fire Extinguisher Cylinders

FEMA statistics state how important it is to be prepared and what is at risk:

The risk of death and injury from fire in the United States is not the same for everyone it is more severe for some groups than for others. Much can be learned from understanding why different segments of society are at a heightened risk from the fire problem.

Findings from the report In 2013:
  • 3,470 deaths and 15,925 injuries in the U.S. were caused by fires. These casualties were not equally distributed across the population.
  • Adults age 80 to 84 had the highest risk of fire death; those 85 and older were at the greatest risk of fire injury.
  • While lower than the relative risk of the general population, children age 4 and under faced an elevated risk of both injury and death in a fire when compared with older children (age 5 to 14).
  • Males were 1.5 times more likely to die in fires than females.
  • African-Americans and American Indians/Alaska Natives were at a greater relative risk of dying in a fire than the general population.
  • The relative risk of dying in a fire for people living in the South was higher than for populations living in other regions.
Be Prepared! Typically, 5lb ABC fire extinguishers are used in most commercial locations. For more information on which extinguisher to use in your home, click here.

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Amerex Model 14315 Stainless Steel Wall Hanger Amerex Model #7166 Rubber Strap for 860 & 862 Brackets Amerex Model #7802 Rubber Strap for 864 Bracket
Amerex 810CG Heavy Duty Coast Guard Marine Bracket Amerex 333 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Wheeled Fire Extinguisher - 50 lb